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Silva frames are made up of many components, each of which plays an important roll in the comfort and durability of the piece of furniture.

Each frame is made of kiln dried, hard wood such as maple or basswood, with a thickness of 1 ¼”. This prevents the frame from warping and shifting. It also gives a base strength to each piece. The joints are all glued, screwed and doweled. It may appear as though we put the frames together with staples, but those staples are there strictly to hold the frame together while the screws are being inserted.

The springing construction used depends on the style of furniture. The majority of pieces that we make are loose seat and loose back. In such styles, we use a web and coil construction in the seat. The advantage to this type of springing construction is the strength. There is a row of jute webbing both above and below the actual springs. Each spring is then fixed to the webbing. In doing this, the whole springing system moves up and down with your body weight.

A piece of furniture with a tight back would require no sag springs. This is because the back of a piece does not have to support as much weight as a seat. These springs help create the shape and comfort of a tight back, and are supportive enough for the weight.

Rubber webbing is used only on smaller chairs and dining seats. It is extremely strong and resilient, and won’t break or sag.

Many of our pieces are designed with loose seat cushions and loose back cushions. These are usually made with high-density foam that is then wrapped in a layer of polyester fibre. The polyester fibre not only creates comfort, but it protects the foam from breaking down due to air and light.

We do provide the option of upgrading the seat cushions. Some people will ask for feather seat cushions. We do make feather seat cushions, but be aware of the upkeep involved in having one. (40/60 or feather. This fill is also available in back cushions and will need constant fluffing to keep it looking neat. A standard back cushion is filled with loose polyester, which still requires maintenance, but very little.

Many people enjoy the low maintenance, high comfort of envelope seat cushions. This cushion is made with a foam core, which is wrapped in a layer of polyester fibre. A down proof casing is sewn together like an envelope with a zipper so that the foam can be taken out and replaced if needed. Envelope cushions are also available with . feather wrap or 40/60 down/feather combination.

Each frame has many layers padding it for comfort and durability.

  1. Fabric decking over the springs
  2. Cotton felt as a base
  3. Foam and polyester for comfort
  4. Foam deck edge on front to support cushions and keep them in place
  5. Fabric
  6. Cushions

Rather than one upholsterer doing the arms, one doing the deck, and one doing the outside, one upholsterer completes each piece. This way one upholsterer is responsible for a piece from beginning to end.

What makes Silva unique is that we have the ability to custom size any piece of furniture. We can enlarge a style or make it smaller. That is the number one reason we are so busy. All of our upholsterers are paid by the hour; they do not have to rush to complete a specific number of pieces to make their daily quota. They take their time to create a quality piece.

At Silva we make our own frames as the orders come in. We do not stock frames because our clients usually require some changes. Also, we make it our policy not to make the frames before the fabric arrives. Some fabrics may take months to arrive and we do not want to take the risk of the frame being damaged while on the floor waiting to be upholstered.

Each piece is made individually and always with different fabric. Sometimes other structural changes are made, or someone may want a skirt or contrasting piping. Measurements are rarely adjusted however each change requires more time to complete.

Silva currently supplies furniture to over 60 stores across Canada and the United States. This does not include private label and various Designers. We always tell everyone to inform their customers that they are waiting for a top of the line product, each one hand crafted for them.